We are VILLAGE. 
Jenelle Aubade  Lucas Bennett  
 & Special Guests


Singer-songwriter Jenelle Aubade writes and performs a mix of electronic and acoustic music. Avant-Garde, Acoustic, Electronic, Ambient, Alterna-Folk, Indie Rock.

Music is a lifelong passion, and Jenelle has fine tuned hers to paint a picture in the mind and evoke an emotional response, with soulful sweet singing and unique fingerpicking styles, rhythm and lyric arrangements.

Lucas Bennett is full of masterful music mischievousness, you may know him from his Band with his partner Zoe Dearborn, "Zoe and the Mischief" an Art Rock duo. In VILLAGE find him on percussion, keys, and accordion. His other Baja Bands which are super rad are the LAST Blues Band, Daturas, and ALTA TENSION.

Village performs original music by singer songwriter Jenelle Aubade, and is always bringing in talented local and International artists to collab, join in the fun, and showcase their music for us all. Each show is a unique experience.