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Share your music videos + news, music events, tell us about your band or project and/or share/chat about artists/genres/music/bands you are a fan of.

All genres included. If you post good content for us often you will be pre-approved as a top contributor. Thanks for helping us build our community and keeping us up to date and interesting! Top posts get shared on our main page, follow @ http://Facebook.com/MusicDailyPress

Performers Contact Group Booking @JenelleAubade facebook.com/JenelleAubade

Donations - Music Daily Community Artists
  • Donations - Music Daily Community Artists

Donations - Music Daily Community Artists

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Donations - Music Daily Community Artists

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Thank you for supporting live music and our community =) Donations are accepted to make sure that at the end of each live stream show in our Music Daily Community Group, the artists are paid. The tips depend on how much we have in our group account, and will be a percentage of the total. All details are posted in our group regularly to keep everything transparent. We are so happy to be able to help our musicians continue performing (by helping to keep them fed, housed, with working music gear at hand so they can continue sharing their art with us!). http://MusicDailyShow.com http://musicdailypress.com

Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/musicdailyshow/ Follow our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/MusicDailyPress/

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What We do: Music Daily creates your Fb event, does promo and advertising for your show, and our members attend your show!

What You do: Invite your friends and fans to the group and the show to help our community grow, put on a great show, have a great time and book again!

Note: Music Daily promotes your music links and tip links during your live stream for you. Artists that perform regularly are added to our web site and interview segments at http://MusicDailyPress.com

* In addition to tips, all artists will be tipped out by Music Daily as well from our community kitty. Everyone should get a little something regardless of how many people donate during the stream.

* New Artists to be considered for the show join the group (http://MusicDailyShow.com) and send a link to a quality recent live stream performance of yours for review to the admin.

* All Music Daily Shows are streamed directly by you, the artist, to the Group Wall. Thanks!

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