A California native raised between Washington State and North Carolina, Jenelle's music is a mix of folk and rock with a touch of grunge and the unexpected moment that raises a question, or leaves an echoing thought behind to ponder. Sweet, soulful, and always introspective, her songs stretch a sonic canvas and then paint a picture with words. 

With over 12 years experience in the craft of creating art glass beads, and a lifetime of singing, writing, playing the guitar and piano, Jenelle is currently melting glass, performing her music live, and collaborating with other esteemed musical artists in Baja Sur California, Mexico. Following the release of her two latest albums, "Everything" & "Else, b-sides and other stories" in 2016-17, the new album "Summer People" was released Nov 2018 via Happy Rebel Records. Currently recording the next album "The Love" TO BE RELEASED WINTER 2019.

As a glass artist Jenelle is well known in the niche industry of 'lampwork' art beads,  published in many industry magazines, and is the author of over 40 Tutorial books published on the subject available via Amazon.com and online.  Her creations are part of the "Heart of Glass", "Paradise Lampwork", and "Beads and Botanicals" design lines, carried at online venues and Beads and Needs retail beadery in Colorado Springs CO, USA. 

Aubade > In French it means "dawn serenade," and a song or poem of lovers parting at dawn.
Pronounced like  "Obeyed" >